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Michelin Agriculture wins GOLD medal thanks to its breakthrough “2 in 1” Technology

This GOLD medal, awarded by the jury of the 2017 SIMA, is for Michelin the achievement of a long term intimacy with its clients, hard work, and strong commitment of its expert teams who all share the same DNA for innovation.

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Michelin at the SIMA, innovations to meet all challenges

Alongside with farmers and farm machinery constructors, and for over 10 years, Michelin was present again at the 2015 Edition of the SIMA: the Paris International Agri-Business Show. Since today’s farmers are facing new challenges, Michelin’s response to their needs is to deliver products and services that will optimize their farm profitability and productivity but also products they can rely on to protect their soil. 

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Michelin launches new tractor tire for heavy road use

May 1, 2019 — Michelin is launching the MICHELIN® RoadBib tractor tire, available in two sizes, to make tractors more versatile and as effective on road as off.

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