Michelin at the SIMA, innovations to meet all challenges

Alongside with farmers and farm machinery constructors, and for over 10 years, Michelin was present again at the 2015 Edition of the SIMA: the Paris International Agri-Business Show. Since today’s farmers are facing new challenges, Michelin’s response to their needs is to deliver products and services that will optimize their farm profitability and productivity but also products they can rely on to protect their soil. 


Tackling new technological challenges

MICHELIN AXIOBIB IF 900/65 R46: The World’s largest tractor tire that keeps farmers connected.
Simply by flashing a QR Code on the tire’s sidewalls, owners of high-performance tractors will have access to a range of premium, “peace of mind” services for optimal usage of their MICHELIN AXIOBIB.

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The MICHELIN Pressure calculator: This easy to use app for smartphone gets the right pressure for tractor tires. By simply taking a picture of the tractor the app automatically calculates load transfer distances. Users may also save results and keep track of pressure recommendations for their whole tractor park.

In addition to English, German, French and Spanish, the MICHELIN Pressure calculator will be available in Chinese, Portugese and Russian early this summer.


See demonstration video :

Putting technological leadership at the heart of environmental challenges

The MICHELIN Ultraflex technology is a proven technology that clearly reduces soil compaction. New products were showcased on the Michelin stand at the SIMA.

MICHELIN Cargo XBIB High Flotation compatible with tire pressure regulation systems: the low-pressure trailer tire ensures better respect for the soil and higher productivity.

MICHELIN Spraybib: compared to standard technology tires with the same diameter and air pressure, the extremely hard-wearing MICHELIN SprayBib tire offers up to 40% extra load capacity.


Compaction Demonstrator: pressure is directly regulated using a computer. The compaction caused by the tire is measured and the result can be immediately viewed in a window.

Reconcile apparently contradictory challenges

Resistance to aggressive surfaces and comfort of use are now compatible thanks to another Michelin’s breakthrough innovation: a diamond-patterned sculpture.

  • ·       MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface: its diamond-patterned sculpture offers an increased contact patch on hard ground compared to a lugged tire. More resistance and low vibrations for superior comfort.

Anticipating the challenges of the future
Michelin takes at heart one of tomorrow’s agricultural challenges of feeding an increasingly populated planet and yet preserving the environment. The SIMA show was the occasion to unveil the MICHELIN LIFEBIB 710/70 R42, a concept tire with wheat shaped lugs. This original tire sculpture embodies the concepts of soil protection and productivity.