Michelin Agriculture wins GOLD medal thanks to its breakthrough “2 in 1” Technology

This GOLD medal, awarded by the jury of the 2017 SIMA, is for Michelin the achievement of a long term intimacy with its clients, hard work, and strong commitment of its expert teams who all share the same DNA for innovation.


“A breakthrough innovation”

Michelin Agriculture innovates to bring solutions to farmers in their daily challenges for a better and sustainable agriculture.
This “2 in 1” tire protects farmers’ most precious asset: the soil. Thanks to its adaptive sculpture, it delivers world-class performances both in the field and on the road and enables farmers to work at a very low pressure. The tire literally transforms itself to better adapt to its usage!  At low pressure, the +20%* footprint (width & length), with many patterns, optimizes transmission of the power to the ground and contributes to soil protection.  At higher pressure, the footprint design adapts itself to the road conditions: a smaller pattern for more rigidity which produces  fuel saving, improved road safety and comfort.

“Innovation forever… and for all ”

This story started 125 years ago with Michelin’s first innovations. Since its early beginning, and to this day, Michelin’s mission is to provide a sustainable mobility for all.  In agriculture, mobility also means soil protection. The company invests in R&D to sustain its mission: 6700 R&D experts worldwide (640 millions €/y), 2000 patents.
Its engagement is to provide solutions expected or needed by customers, not only tires.
And the company recently invested in Digital companies.
In 2004, Michelin launched MICHELIN UltraFlex Technology: a technology that covers full farming cycle and is used worldwide by farmers. A recent study lead by Harper Adams University (UK) demonstrated that this technology increases yield by 4%.


In 2015 in Agritechnica, Michelin announced the World’s first AG connected tire. Michelin & Ropa also received an Innovation Award for the R-SOIL Protect Technology, for helping farmers to meet huge harvesting challenges.
A few weeks ago, Michelin invested in Exotic Systems, a company providing digital business solutions for Agriculture. 
Let’s meet at the SIMA fair to present the “2 in 1” technology for the first time to farmers: It’s theirs first!

* Internal Michelin comparative test (dec.2014 & nov. 2015) between a MICHELIN« 2 in 1 » technology tire sized VF 710/70 R 42 and a MICHELIN AxioBib IF 710/70 R 42 at 0.8b and 5,6t.