Michelin XF

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    • Radial construction with a very wide tread
    • Single fitment may be used on both hard and soft surfaces
    • Capacity for travelling at sustained high speed *

subject to statutory speed restrictions

Longer life

Longer tire life. The MICHELIN XF for excavators is designed to increase tire longevity and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Robust shoulders and protected crown
  • Resistant to impact and abrasions


The MICHELIN XF tire delivers great comfort, in the field and on the road.

  • Continuous central tread band
  • Operator comfort
  • Machine protection

Increased productivity

  • Deep, open tread pattern
  • Efficient self-cleaning for maximum wheel  traction in wet conditions
  • Excellent traction of the excavator, telescopic handler, and all-terrain forklift
Dimensions by rim size
445/70 R19.5 173A8/180A2 TL
445/70 R22.5 175A8/182A2 TL