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High load capacity at low pressure for large harvesting machinery

Increased load capacity

MICHELIN Cerexbib en

Improved on-road mobility without compromising soil protection

Harvesters often exceed 3.50 m in width and must be escorted when on the road by a pilot car.
MICHELIN CEREXBIB is a tyre solution that reduces machine width and simplifi es road travel.

MICHELIN CerexBib en
Dimensions by rim size
VF 520/80 R26 CFO 168A8 TL
VF 620/70 R26 CFO 173A8 TL
VF 750/65 R26 CFO 177A8 TL
VF 520/85 R30 CFO 172A8 TL
VF 620/70 R30 CFO 172A8 TL
IF 1000/55 R32 CFO 188A8 TL
IF 680/85 R32 CFO 179A8 TL
IF 800/65 R32 CFO 178A8 TL
IF 800/70 R32 CFO 182A8 TL
IF 900/60R32 CFO 185A8 TL
IF 680/75 R38 CFO 180A8 TL
IF 800/70 R38 CFO 184A8 TL
IF 800/70 R38 CFO 187A8 TL
IF 900/60 R38 CFO 184A8 TL
IF 900/60 R38 CFO 188A8 TL
IF 710/70 R42 CFO 182A8 TL
VF 520/85 R42 CFO 177A8 TL