Michelin AGRIBIB 2

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The affordable premium performer for tractors from 60 to 170 HP and up to 500 HP with dual fitment row crop solution.




Traction you can count on

  • The new optimized 45° lug angle tread pattern offers better  transfer of tractive power to the ground.
  • Retains AGRIBIB’s outstanding traction (1)


(1)    Source: Analytical test performed on the test tracks at the MICHELIN test and research centre (Ladoux).

Increased load index

  • Increased by over 15% (2)


(2)    Level of increase varies by size

Longer service life

  • R1W lug for longer service life (3)
  • Up to +8% deeper(4) tread than the leading competitors R1W offer, and up to 10% deeper compared to standard R1W offer

(3)    R1W lug depth as defined by the TRA standard
(4)    MICHELIN AGRIBIB2 480/80R50 vs leading competitors published depths

Stubble protection and self-cleaning capacity

  •  Angled sculpture provides maximum strenght and deflection against stalk strikes.
  •  5/32nd extra-rubber along center rib facilitates self-cleaning.


Dimensions by rim size
480/80 R26 149A8/149B TL
280/85 R28 123A8/120D TL
420/85 R28 144A8/144B TL
380/85 R30 140A8/140B TL
420/85 R30 145A8/145B TL
420/90 R30 147A8/147B TL
650/75 R32 167A8/167B TL
320/85 R34 133A8/133B TL
480/80 R42 156A8/156B TL
420/80 R46 151A8/151B TL