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Guaranteed value and versatility for high-powered tractors

160 HP and over


  • Ideal for road transport: its large lugs increase service life and its low-rolling resistance rubber mix reduces fuel consumption
  • 4% fuel saving compared with the main market competitor, a fuel saving of 1 litre/hr (except without Ad-Blue for a consumption on the road of 25L/hr)*
  • Effi cient in the fi eld to transfer the torque of high-powered tractors to the ground

*Source: Analytical test performed on the test tracks at the MICHELIN test and research centre (Ladoux)

Increase in transport speed and increased load capacity in the field

  • Capable of speeds of up to 65km/h (depending on tyre size)
  • Suited to transporting heavy loads

** When authorised by the laws in force in the country

Proven casing robustness

  • Flexible hard-wearing sidewalls