Michelin XEOBIB

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On all surfaces at less than 1 bar for better soil and surface protection

from 80 to 220 HP

Return on investment

  • Up to 15% fuel saving when working in the field (1)
  • Yields +4%/year (2)
  • Excellent service life

(1) average observed in measurements taken compared with a standard size in fi eld tests
(2) source Harper Adams University study (GB). Result of comparative test: standard technology/MICHELIN Ultrafl ex Technologies across the whole growing cycle.


  • Absorbs shocks and surface irregularities

Constant low pressure whatever the speed

  • With MICHELIN Ultrafl ex Technologies: Very High Flexion standard
  • Carrying a load equivalent to a pressure reduced with respect to the radial tire standard technology

Reduced rut depth


Pressure for a load of 3,650 kg:

  • 1.6 bar for the 65 series
  • 0.9 bar for MICHELIN XEOBIB
Dimensions by rim size
VF 650/60 R42 157D TL